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Sengoku-Jidai Database

Weapons of War
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The New Sengoku-Jidai Database

Welcome to Sengoku-Jidai database. This is a website where I shall put various information about the Sengoku-Jidai period. This may take a long time to complete so bare with me. My first efforts will be directed towards:
  • Common Weapons used during the period (Defensive, Attacking, Ninja, etc.)
  • Strategies used during the time (Rotating Wheel, Continuous Fussilade, etc.)
  • Bios of the famous people in this period (Leaders, Women, Samurai, etc.)

After that I will work toward other things such as an RPG of this period, a list of different factions including ninja clans, games about this period, ideas for games of this period and perhaps even extend into other realms than this period and turn this into more than just a Sengoku-Jidai website. However these things may not be done for a loooooooooong while. I'll try my best though to start.

-Added all pages I will be updating in the recent future
-Added the weapon "Wakizashi" to the Weapons section
-Added Oichi bio.
-Added many, many new strategies.
-New forum is masterofearth's.
-Added quotes to the bottom of every page

Sengoku-Jidai Database

Japanese time of war! Bios, Weapons & More!